InGrid: Photo collage editor

InGrid is a handy photo editor to create stunning images.


  • Layouts
    Many different collage templates. Re-mix up to 15 of your photos at a time.
    Move, rotate, scale the photo by touching any part of it, crop the photo with any proportion and position.

  • Square
    With 1:1 or 4:5 ratio, and background as Blur, Colored or Tile to Make photos square ready for Instagram.

  • Edit

  • Lots of Photo filters
  • Rotate, Flip, Clip photo
  • Many stickers, backgrounds

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InText: Insta Story Text Maker

Text Only Instagram story maker, the awesomely simple editor to fulfill your text-only story creating needs, makes your text show more powerfully.

  • Simple and beautiful typography (support vertically and horizontally)
  • Colors: Hundreds of colors to make your story more colorful.
  • Multiple background to choose. Set the mood of your story.
  • Multiple text frames: Find the one that fits your story’s style.
  • Multiple fonts: Awesome fonts to write down your story.
  • Awesome shortcuts to help you post Instagram
  • Easy to share to Instagram, Facebook or save to your gallery
  • Update background & frame & font every month

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这个 APP 帮助你最大化利用起碎片时间,让每一个时间都有效的积累自己的知识框架,有效达到自己的每一个一万小时。日常小总结,积累而成大知识。







时间是宝贵的,如何有效的利用时间,掌握更多的知识,希望这个 APP 能够帮助到你。如果你有任何的意见与建议,也请在 APP 里面及时的反馈给我们,谢谢!


#Pretty Screen

There is no need to worry about the wallpaper being obscured, no need to worry about the wallpaper size.

There are over 100 notch styles, various combinations of which can customise your notches on your iPhone X.

At the same time, you can choose your photo to create your own custom notch wallpapers.

“PrettyScreen” is an App that making the most beautiful wallpapers:

• Creative Template: More than 100 types of modeling templates provide you with a variety of choices.
• Customization for your ultra hd, super cool, ultra-fine personalized quality lock screen!
• You can make pretty lock screen wallpaper and desktop wallpaper with your favorite pictures
• No need to worry about the lock screen wallpaper being obscured by time controls
• Lock screen + main screen perfect theme collocation, make your mobile phone henceforth distinctive, refuse to bump screen!

[Perfect wallpaper]

  • DIY lock screen, make lock screen with your photos! You can also add a filter to your photos so that you can see your most beautiful self every day!
  • Some good looking pictures are not fit the screen size, now this is not a problem, each one can make a perfect wallpaper for you by this app
  • Undisturbed lock screen wallpaper, the main parts of the wallpaper are completely solved by the problem of time occlusion
  • Multiple background effects, wave points, glass, watercolor; More solid colors and gradients are available
  • You can make a background with pure color,gradient color, or a clarity looking by remove the foreground

[Template wallpaper]

  • Draw a template lock screen, let you make the most creative wallpaper, and use the lock screen to play new heights!
  • DIY operation is easy to use and instantly presents the most personalized lock screen!
  • Abundant a lot effects, kinds of colors
  • A lot front frame: love, stars, multiple presentations

[Wallpaper recommendation]

  • Provide the best screen size wallpaper, not waste every inch of space!
  • The hottest day of the day, the latest in the daily, not to let the wonderful and you miss!

[Wallpaper for lovers]

  • Split a wallpaper to two parts, you each one got one part, go and try it now!

More features & features:

  • Variety, beautiful, fresh, cute, cool… Everything!
  • Preview function, edge preview, edge preview!

Use this app, you can make a photo which show content just in the center of the full picture, then when you set is as a cover photo, you will be amazed.

Enjoy it!


MockMoji-Make your own emoji

MockMoji let you to make your own custom emojis, and will automatically sync to the Messages App.

It cut off emojis to different parts, and you can make up a special new one of any part you choose.Endless possibilities!

Standard emojis are too normal? Try this application, get your special collection.